The 2006 Lancia Gamma Consortium Spring Meeting was held in the West of England, on 21st to 23rd April. Starting at Bristol and progressing over two days to Bath via the city of Wells, it was a meeting with a full itinerary taking in great attractions such as the Concorde at Filton, the Cheddar Gorge, Haynes Motor Museum, Longleat House and more.


A total of thirteen Gammas attended the meeting over the weekend although not all at the same time. Three were Berlinas and ten were Coupes.


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Theo Kyriacou







A1000373 A1000374 A1000375 BSC01294 Bsc01295 Bsc01296 BSC01297 BSC01298 BSC01300 BSC01302 P1000376 P1000381 P1000387 P1000388 P1000391 P1000393 P1000395 P1000396 P1000398 P1000400 P1000404 P1000410 P1000410b P1000410c P1000411 P1000412 P1000413 P1000414 P1000415 P1000418 P1000419 P1000420 P1000421 P1000423 P1000424 P1000425 P1000426 P1000427 P1000428 P1000429 P1000430 P1000431 P1000432 P1000432b P1000432c P1000433 P1000433a P1000433b P1000433c P1000433d P1000433e P1000433f P1000433g P1000433z P1000434 P1000435 P1000436 P1000437 P1000438 P1000439 P1000441 P1000446 P1000447 P1000447b P1000447c P1000448 P1000449a P1000449b P1000451 P1000453 P1000454 P1000455 P1000455b P1000455c P1000456b P1000457 P1000458 P1000459 P1000462 P1000463 P1000464 P1000467 P1000469 P1000470 P1000471 P1000472 P1000473 P1000474 P1000475 P1000476 P1000477


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