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The Gamma Consortium - Who We Are & What We Do

First established in the late 1980s when some parts for these cars were already in short supply and re-founded in April 2006, the Lancia Gamma Consortium is the UK grouping for owners, drivers and admirers of the Lancia Gamma, in both Berlina (saloon) and Gran Tourismo (Coupé) forms.


The Consortium operates under the umbrella of the Lancia Motor Club, alongside consortia for other Lancia models. Membership of the Consortium is available on application and the payment of a joining fee (currently £50.00 including first year's subscription) and, in the second and subsequent years of membership, payment of an annual subscription (currently set at £25.00 per annum).


The objective of the Consortium is to secure the survival, use and enjoyment of the Lancia Gamma in the UK through sharing experience and knowledge of the cars, acting to ensure the continued availability of parts and raising the public profile of the Gamma generally. A well-sorted Gamma is a sophisticated, precise, ultra comfortable head turning tourer that is capable of eating continents and the Consortium exists to ensure that this continues to be the case.


With the money generated by membership subscriptions, the Consortium is in a position to purchase spare parts at favourable rates. In addition, rusted or accident-damaged Gammas are broken for spares. Consortium members then have access to these parts at virtually cost price, the small profit element (if any) being used to purchase more spares. Similarly, as the supply of some parts is drying up, the Consortium is looking at their remanufacture or at locating suitable alternatives.


The Gamma Consortium also organises annual meetings and an AGM.

Annual Meeting
The 1998 Gamma Consortium annual meeting at Hollybush Hall. This year we were joined by fellow Gamma enthusiasts from Italy and Germany.

For further details and to join the Gamma Consortium, contact our Treasurer, Ian Powis by email on or telephone +44(0)1296 688831.

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